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Tips to Write the Perfect Essay in College

Perfect Essay

Whether you’re writing for a college application or a scholarship, the essay is integral to the process. It demonstrates that you’re able to think critically and write clearly.

A good essay has several key aspects, including the introduction, body, and conclusion. Here are a few tips to help you craft the perfect essay for your college application or scholarship.

Start With a Strong Introductory Sentence

A strong introductory sentence can grab the reader’s attention and make them want to continue reading your essay. Admissions officers read thousands of essays each application season, so making yours stand out from the crowd is important.

An essay should show your unique personality and how you’d fit in at a college. This includes your passions, interests, outlook on life, and experiences.

For example, an essay about a special trip could start with a vivid description of one moment from experience. This can capture the attention of an admissions officer who may have only a few minutes to review your entire application.

Be Specific

A college essay is an opportunity to tell your story in a way that will stand out from other applicants. It’s a chance for you to demonstrate that you have a unique perspective on the world and are not afraid to use it to your advantage.

One of the most common mistakes students make when writing an essay is to be generic and unfocused. Instead of writing about a particular topic or activity, try to explain how you came to understand it or why it matters to you.

For example, instead of writing about winning a soccer game or volunteering at a soup kitchen, explain how both helped you develop as a person and influenced your future goals. Honesty about how you’ve overcome obstacles and gritted your teeth when needed may resonate with readers more than a glib victory speech.

Avoid Cliches

Cliches are a common writing mistake that many students make. Using cliches in your essay can leave a negative impression on readers and may hurt your chances of admission to the college of your choice.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid cliches when writing your college essays. The first step is to ensure you have a strong understanding of the topic you’re writing about.

This will help you to be able to write more original and creative essays that will catch the eye of readers. It’s also important to read through your work aloud and listen for cliches or phrases that sound trite.

Be Original

Every student faces the daunting task of writing their college essay. However, it is not impossible to write a unique and captivating essay.

The college essay is an opportunity to show colleges that you are more than your GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities. The best essays show who you are, what you want to study at college, and how you think.

To make your essay stand out from the crowd, you should always write about something meaningful to you that shows a different side of your personality. This could be your passion for fly fishing, a family road trip, or something else that has shaped your life.

Don’t Forget the Conclusion

One of the most important parts of writing your essay is the conclusion. It’s the last opportunity you have to convince your readers that they should read the rest of your paper.


It’s also the last chance to leave your reader with a positive impression of you as a person. Whether your essay is about the good things that happened to you or the bad things that you did, it’s important to leave a positive note in your conclusion.

Conclusions should include a brief explanation of the significance of your argument. This can be done by reaffirming your thesis, pointing out new information, or explaining how the research you conducted contributed to new knowledge.

The conclusion is a chance to leave your reader with an impression of you as a thinking person. It’s also a chance to connect what you wrote in your essay to how you can contribute to the community and how it will benefit you in college.

4 Best Essay Writing Websites For Students

Being a student comes with many responsibilities. Much of your time will be spent studying and analyzing complex concepts and writing essays.

And when you have too many essays to work on, you’ll likely have limited time to complete each task, let alone have any time for recreation. This is when online best essay writing services come in handy.

We’ve all been students, and we know how disappointing it can be to hand in an essay written without enough research. So, this article will walk you through the four best essay writing websites that will help you manage your time and earn better grades.

  1. Write My Essay

Students usually have to get by with a budget, so this website will help you complete your tasks without using too much of your budget.

Their services include writing articles, essays, and research papers from scratch, editing, proofreading, admission help, and homework assistance. You can set the deadline as early as 3 hours or stretch it over 20 days.

Quick and urgent orders will cost you more than an extended deadline. So, if you wish to save more when you buy essays online, consider placing an order in advance.

What students love about the website:

  • Pay after service.
  • 100% plagiarism free.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • VIP access with extra features.


Prices at Write My Essay may vary depending on the type of service, academic level, and deadline. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing (in USD) to write an essay with a standard 20-day deadline:

  • High school: $10/page
  • Undergraduate: $13/page
  • Bachelor: $18/page
  • Professional: $21/page


  1. Paper Help

This website has had a reputation for being the best essay writing service for over a decade. So, you can be confident that the writers will go beyond meeting your expectations. It has a very user-friendly interface, making it accessible to students of all levels.

What students love about the website:

  • Plagiarism-free papers.
  • Access to samples and free revisions.
  • Easy order tracking via browser or android app.
  • Loyalty program with attractive discounts.
  • Earn credits on orders with multiple pages.
  • 24/7 customer support (phone, chat, email, Facebook Messenger).
  • Referral program where your friend gets a 10% discount while you earn 10% from their first payment.
  • 15% off on your first order. You can claim up to 20% off on regular orders while ordering in bulk.

This website offers three categories of writers, viz., basic, advanced, and top writers. You can add as many instructions as possible while you order essays online. Doing so will help the writers understand your topic better and provide a sample that aligns with your needs.


The prices for an essay with a 20-day deadline are as follows:

  • High school: $10/page
  • Undergraduate: $13/page
  • Bachelor: $19/page
  • Professional: $21/page

The site also features a price calculator that displays an approximate before placing the order. This feature depends on factors such as:

Service type: Do you need academic writing from scratch, problem-solving calculations, or wish to improve a paper you’ve already completed?

Academic level: The pricing depends on four academic levels, including high school, undergraduate, bachelor, and professional categories.

Paper type: Essays, admission, and question-and-answers are the general categories, and you can scroll through the many options to find one that best describes your paper type.

Additional charges

  • Plagiarism Report: $14.99
  • Abstract Page: $14.99
  • Sources: $4.99
  • Outline/Contents: $9.99
  • Charts/Graphics: $9.99


  1. Wise Essays

If you’re looking for essay writing help that will go easy on your budget while providing a wide range of high-quality services, consider Wise Essays. They have writers with diverse degrees, so you can find a solution regardless of your paper requirements.

Their writer section displays a list of all their writers, along with their specialization and performance qualities. You can study them before deciding on a writer– yes, you can hire any writer you want!

What students love about the website:

  • Affordably priced than most others on this list.
  • Frequent discounts that make it easier for bulk orders.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Free paper revisions.
  • Plagiarism free.
  • 15% off on the first order and 10% on the second.
  • Special offers and life-long discounts based on page count.


The prices at Wise Essays are pretty lower than most websites. However, they do not compromise on quality. Here is their price distribution for an essay with a 14-day deadline:

  • High school: $9.11/page
  • College: $10.13/page
  • Undergraduate: $10.75/page
  • Graduate: $11.50/page
  • Ph.D.: $12.01/page

The total price may be lower or higher depending on the type of service and instructions you provide.

This best essay writer website provides academic writing, assignments, dissertations, admission, and editing services. The only downside about this website is that the number of writers is somewhat limited compared to most others. So, you may find it challenging to make same-day orders.


  1. Good Papers

If your essays comprise complex topics, they likely need extensive research. And this is what Good Papers guarantees. However, this quality upgrade will cost you more than other services.

What students love about the website:

  • Wide range of academic levels.
  • Loyalty discounts.
  • Plagiarism free.
  • Free revisions within ten days.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Ability to deliver quality essays with tight deadlines.


The prices at Good Papers vary based on the type of service, academic level, and word count. The starting prices for each educational level are as follows:

  • High school: $5.85/100 words
  • College: $6.77/100 words
  • Ph.D.: $10.64/100 words

The quality of essays delivered is always top-notch and significantly better than what you’d otherwise receive from cheaper essay writing sites. Once the essay writer has completed the order, a professional editor reviews your papers before you receive them.

This site can be the best solution if you have a more flexible budget and need essays that will boost your academic success.



Essay writing websites greatly help students requiring quality essays with in-depth study and analysis. They will help you complete your papers, regardless of whether you have a tight or a more extended deadline.

It always helps to provide detailed instructions when placing an order essay online to make the most of your money. Doing so will provide the writer with more understanding of the essay and deliver a suitable product.

Most websites feature free revisions, so always study your essays to obtain the free service before the deadline.

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